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Hello World!

Indo is inda house!

Huy Nguyen(‘We-Win’)
I’m from Hawaii and a Pre-Nursing Major; I love being in the ocean and spearfishing. I actually love Durian. I want to go on this trip so I can gain a new perspective and engage in another persons culture.

Hi I’m Austin Headrick. I’m the team leader for the Indo trip! I’m a philosophy or Theology major. I was born in Olympia, Washington. I want to go to Indo because I want to experience the culture, religion, food, and lifestyle of people that are very different from me.

Hi my name is Hannah and am a junior this year. I’m a Sociology major and Women’s Studies minor. I love to dance and be in sunshine. I have wanted to go on a SPRINT trip since I was a freshman and finally decided to apply this year. I am super excited to go to Indo and have my eyes opened in so many ways!

Hey there! I’m Faith Hamilton. I’m a freshman this year, planning to major in dietetics (nutrition). I’m currently working as a kitchen assistant at a camp in order to help pay for my trip to Indonesia. This trip to Indo is exciting to me because there we will be exposed to a new culture – one in which Islam is the main religion and lack of material wealth doesn’t affect hospitality. I am convinced that God will use this mission trip as an opportunity to bring new perspective and joy to both us and the Indonesian locals.


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