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Day 1 Tokyo

We’ve completed the first leg of our trip! We left Seattle this morning (or yesterday morning?) and arrived in Tokyo ten hours later. We had some mix up with our flight out of Tokyo to Singapore. First our flight was canceled, and then there was a problem with the 2nd flight we were going to take to Singapore. We ended up getting to stay the night in Tokyo instead! United airlines gave all four of us free hotel passes for the night at the Hotel Nikko Narita. We just had dinner and took showers (super refreshing!). We been awake for about 24 hours now (not really much sleep on the flight) so we’re definitely ready for a little snooze after our first eventful day. It has been a lot of fun and there has been a ton of laughs, we wish last years team and our team mentor Alicia Yang could have come with us and enjoyed it all so far.Our plan is to catch a bus at 8:00am tomorrow back to the airport and then catch a plan to Singapore at 10:30. We’re determined to get on this flight! Our luggage has seemed to have made it’s way to Singapore ahead of us, so hopefully it will be happily waiting for us when we arrive. It’ll be exciting to see what adventure God has in store for us next!


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