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Quick update

Hello friends!

This is Owen, checking in with a quick update. After their first island stay, the team returned to base camp to debrief and refresh, and today heads out for their second island homestay visit.

We’ll keep you updated!


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Day 5

We’ve finished our language training here and are getting ready to head to base camp in a couple of hours. We’ve gotten to go shopping, try some interesting new fruits, enjoy the heat (and humidity), and meet some new friends. We will get to our first island in a couple of days. So far it’s been great here, and it’s barely started! Traffic here has been interesting to witness, there are as many scooters and motorcycles as there are cars, and traffic laws are negotiable. Whenever we go out in public we get a lot of looks from the locals, we’re told it’s because we’re white (Huy says except him). Huy is one of the few that enjoys durian. We had a worship fellowship this morning with the whole house, we probably won’t have much ability to have worship like this on the islands.


Ho brah, steh so humid liddat.

Wow, it is so humid. In fact, even more so than Hawaii! The two are equally beautiful and the people here are beautiful as well. They are extremely hospitable to the group that has arrived, and they continue to bless us by teaching us their language and giving us new food to try (I feel like a baby learning a new language). It is amazing how “aloha” is the same, smiles are the same, laughter is the same, and enjoying each other’s company is the same. I love how these basic human conditions are the same here as they are back home.

Indonesia so far is very nostalgic for me because of the way I’ve grown up, and after looking back I have never thought to express how thankful I am for the social and practical life skills my parents have taught me.


Huy Nguyen

We’re here!! This part of the world is so beautiful – the people, the culture, the landscape. I don’t know if I have ever cherished a passing breeze as much in my entire life! We are all adjusting to the heat and humidity quite well, I think. We’ve made friends with our fellow Americans as well as our teachers, and when we move on to the islands, I know we will make even more. As anarchistic as the drivers are here, there is a sense of security (albeit a false one) in the way motorcyclist weave in and out of the lanes. They seem to know what they’re doing…

There is a pervasive air of peace here; I know this is where I am supposed to be right now. This is not, of course, to say I don’t miss people back home! Our adventure has only just begun, and I pray God makes himself known at every turn.

I am blessed to have friends praying for me back home, and I am also blessed by the generosity of my friends that helped me get here. Thank you for your continued prayers and kind wishes.

Love always,

Faith Hamilton

Selamat malam! That means good evening in Bahasa. We have been learning Bahasa for the past two days and I love this language:) This is our third full day in Indonesia. We have been in the city and we will be leaving for base camp in a half an hour. There are 13 others from around America in our group. We have people (mostly college students) from Westmont University in Cali, Minnesota, and Virginia. We’ve all spent a lot of time together and it feels like we’ve all been friends for a long time. Our leaders are amazing and encouraging. Indonesians know a thing or two about hospitality and making people feel at home. They are great friends and very lively people. When we get to base camp, we will be there for two days before leaving for our first island stay. It is very humid and hot, but it’s nothing new for me–I love it! We have eaten a lot of fresh fish, fruits, rice and vegetables. I love this culture so far! I hope this message finds all of you well and enjoying yourselves. We will update in a week or so! Terima kasih dan daaaaa!!! (Thank you and goodbye!!!)

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They’ve arrived!

I just received word from our SPRINT partners in Indonesia – the team has arrived safely! Stay tuned for more updates to come – we’ll post new details at least weekly.

In the meantime, please let me know if you have questions. My email is owen@spu.edu.

Thanks for your support of these students!


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Ready to go!

After a night of rest in Tokyo is looking forward to finishing their travels today.  They report that they’ll grab breakfast (thanks, United Airlines!), then take the shuttle back to the airport for their Japan Airlines flight.  We’ll hear from them again when they reach Indonesia.


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Day 1 Tokyo

We’ve completed the first leg of our trip! We left Seattle this morning (or yesterday morning?) and arrived in Tokyo ten hours later. We had some mix up with our flight out of Tokyo to Singapore. First our flight was canceled, and then there was a problem with the 2nd flight we were going to take to Singapore. We ended up getting to stay the night in Tokyo instead! United airlines gave all four of us free hotel passes for the night at the Hotel Nikko Narita. We just had dinner and took showers (super refreshing!). We been awake for about 24 hours now (not really much sleep on the flight) so we’re definitely ready for a little snooze after our first eventful day. It has been a lot of fun and there has been a ton of laughs, we wish last years team and our team mentor Alicia Yang could have come with us and enjoyed it all so far.Our plan is to catch a bus at 8:00am tomorrow back to the airport and then catch a plan to Singapore at 10:30. We’re determined to get on this flight! Our luggage has seemed to have made it’s way to Singapore ahead of us, so hopefully it will be happily waiting for us when we arrive. It’ll be exciting to see what adventure God has in store for us next!

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Itinerary update

Hello friends!

This is Owen with a quick update.  The team’s flight from Tokyo to Singapore was cancelled today, so the airline has provided a free hotel and meals for this evening.  Tomorrow the group will catch Japan Airlines 719, arriving in Singapore at 5:15 PM on June 13.

The team is taking this change of plans in stride very well. When we spoke by phone just a few minutes ago everyone was cheerful; they’re working together and practicing flexibilty.  And it doesn’t hurt that they’ll get a few hours to see a new city, either.

I’ll keep you updated as they go from here.  Please let me know if you have questions – (206) 427-1296.



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Here we go!

This morning Faith, Austin, Huy and Hannah met at SeaTac Airport to begin their adventures together. They’ll fly to Singapore, then catch a ferry to Indonesia.

Stay tuned for updates at least weekly!